Hi, I am Manon, creative wild child, professional goal digger and founding mama of Two is a Crowd. Nice to meet you! 

Why Two is a Crowd? 

I am not your average green juice-chugging, granola-munching, freedom-fighting hippy, but I do have my principles and I strongly believe now more than ever people (including myself) are longing to buy from brands and companies that do business where people, planet and profit go hand in hand. 

While quite some companies take up on lots of efforts on sustainability/corporate responsibility they often fail to communicate their efforts in a contemporary and creative manner that resonates with a larger target group. Communicating about sustainability/corporate responsibility lets customers know that a brand or company cares about its products, the people who make them, and that they aim to give their customers the best product they can. 

How does Two is a Crowd work? 

With Two is a Crowd I help brands and companies with positive purpose communicate about their product or service. I either blend in with a brand or company's communication team or work on a freelance base and start brainstorming about how to communicate the sustainability/corporate responsibility efforts through copywriting, PR, social media and storytelling. I help to get the sustainability/corporate responsibility message right which will help brands or companies reach new customers and boost brand loyalty.

Disclaimer: Two is a Crowd does not greenwash. I only intend to collaborate with brands and companies that practise what they preach and are able to back up any sustainability claims they make.